New York City


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New York City – I’ve never been in a more crowded city until here. And it’s so packed with tourists (like me, HA) that it feels like they make up a quarter of the population here. But you really can’t blame them for wanting to visit a place with so much to see and so much to do!

My husband, David, and I decided that we wanted to travel more this year. We made a list of places that we definitely would want to make stops in, but New York was one of the top contenders. We are MAJOR foodies – so for our first wedding anniversary this year, we thought it’d be pretty fun to take a trip to a city that is notorious for its mouth-watering food.

Besides the amazing food, I’ve really been wanting to see some of the other national monuments in the area – Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Brooklyn Bridge and the 9/11 Memorial. Scroll on down to check out photos of our stops at each one.

the beginning

w e e k l y   m u s e  001

Hey there!! Thanks so much for taking the time to stop in to take a peek at this new blog that I have finally decided to start. I feel like I’ve been talking about this with myself and my husband for the past couple of years, but have never had enough courage and confidence to just “do it.”

So, here I am!


I’m not quite too sure where I’ll go with this yet, but my personal goals are to document my lifestyle and adventures for myself and any readers who want to hop along for the ride. I feel like I put out so many similar things on social media, but I always think, “what if Facebook or Instagram end up shutting down one day like Myspace and Xanga?” (*high five* if you know what I’m talking about!) I mean, maybe they won’t go anywhere for a while, but times could change ten to twenty years from now. So, I want to be able to look back on my life one day and find everything in one area to reminisce on these glory days that we’re still living in.

For the wanderers and folks who have an eye for a good appetite – or if you’re just bored and stopping by (that’s cool with me too) – feel free to hang around! I hope to write more content on my life in Dallas, favorite places to go and eat, drinks, recipes, and my travels.

So until my next post, feel free to play my weekly tunes above and check out my “about” page for more details on me. Thanks again for swinging by and I’ll see you soon!



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